Don’t ask Who, It’s The Art Doctor!


Everyone knows how rarely doctors make house calls these days, but on Friday 24th May 2013, a doctor of a very special kind made a home visit. Keith Fenwick is better known to millions who have seen him on Sky TV as “The Art Doctor”, and his visit to the town was made even more special by reason of the fact that Keith, as he willingly admits, is “A Spennymoor lad, and proud of it.”

Keith was born in Dundas Street in 1937; his parents owned a general dealer’s shop there until after the end of WW2 when they moved to 20 North Street. He was educated at King Street School, and after leaving there he completed a five year engineering apprenticeship at Westool in Bishop Auckland, then went on to further education at Bishop Auckland Technical College as it was then known.

Afterwards he completed a 4 year Honours Degree at Loughborough University of Technology, covering 24 subjects in all. His thirst for knowledge still unquenched, Keith went on to Sunderland Polytechnic, where he completed a Post Graduate qualification in Advanced Management Sciences.

But art was his passion, and for the last forty years Keith has been the principal demonstrator at major fine art shows for well known international companies like Windsor and Newton (UK and USA) Raphael (France) and Caran d’ Ache (UK and Switzerland) leading to him demonstrating techniques and materials on company stands at both the Design Centre and Olympia in London, as well as at the NEC Birmingham, the SEC Glasgow, and, much closer to home, at Gateshead’s Metro Centre. At these venues he not only demonstrated the art of landscape painting, but also ran workshops in designated Masterclass areas.

As Sky TV’s Art Doctor, a programme he presented for 15 months, Keith could be seen painting landscapes three times a day, six days a week. He also went on to present “Art School” for Granada TV, and BBC’s “Eleventh Hour Challenge”. He can currently be found on Sky’s Painting and Drawing Channel on Cable.

A relaxed Keith on a visit to his home town

A relaxed Keith on a visit to his home town (Spennymoor Today)

In spite of this busy lifestyle, Keith has somehow found time to author 11 books on Landscape Painting for three publishing houses: books that have been translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish; has produced more than 30 teaching DVD’s and hosts painting holidays in Venice, Spain, Sardinia, Tuscany and Malta, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Yet Keith somehow manages to cram into his already well loaded schedule, 30 or more demonstrations to Art Societies every year. Based on all of this work, its not difficult to understand why this local lad who passed good on his way to making great (artwork), is highly respected throughout the international art community.

The Art Doctor with one of the five paintings he donated to Spennymoor Town Hall Gallery

The Art Doctor with one of the five paintings he donated to Spennymoor Town Hall Gallery (Spennymoor Today)

His homecoming coincided with the donation by Keith of five of his landscape paintings to the permanent gallery at Spennymoor Town Hall, housed in the Jim Smith Gallery, and, as is the case everywhere he goes, there was not a vacant chair in the Memorial Room when he was introduced by Gallery Curator Bob Abley.

Keith has a relaxed, informative and humorous presentation style, enhanced by his great skill, and those privileged to be amongst his audience hung onto his every word. Keith insists “Learning to paint is fun, and it’s easier than you think. There’s a painter inside all of us, just waiting for a chance to jump out.”

A section of Keith's audience

A section of Keith’s audience (Spennymoor Today)

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